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Drain Cleaning

Our Jet-rodding Combination Unitis are designed especially for drain cleaning but still have vacuum truck capabilities. It can blast clear sewer lines and stormwater drains with ease and our driver can operate most of it via remote. It will have a 5000 Litre capacity making it suitable for backyards jobs but big enough to jet clear major blockages as well, so keep an eye out for this one.

Our brand new CCTV sewer camera is the latest edition to our fleet designed to complement the drain cleaning truck allowing us to inspect sewers and storm water lines both before and after cleaning. We can also do a full survey of sewer lines from 125 mm diameter and up with the latest Wincan8 reporting system where information can be digitally recorded and stored and then delivered to the customer on a CD or USB drive. The van is a standalone unit small enough to access the tightest of situations and the camera is run off an inverter fitted to the van so there is no noisy generator and minimal set up time.