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Locating & Radar

Allan is a licenced Telstra approved locator (1100 - Dial before you Dig registered) that can trace or locate underground services before any excavations are done. He has two options for locating:

  • Electronic locations – traces the metal component in underground services such as underground electricity, gas, Telstra or any copper pipework. Allan can then mark out the path using paint to identify their location.
  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) – which is used to locate anything underground using radar technology as opposed to metal detection. GPR can detect plastic/PVC pipes and conduit, old terracotta pipework or even skeletons!
  • CCTV Sewer Camera - our brand new CCTV sewer camera is the latest edition to our fleet designed to complement the drain cleaning truck allowing us to inspect sewers and storm water lines both before and after cleaning.

The GPR can be used to map the location of underground services, from front yards or recently, the new water main going from Rockhampton to Yeppoon.

In addition we can send a vacuum truck along to excavate, so accuracy is always guaranteed.